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The Pros & Cons of Composite and Wood Decks


We are often asked what the pros and cons are of composite decking compared to wood decking. Although budget is usually the top priority when a customer is deciding on investing in a deck, it is important to look at the longterm costs associated with building a deck and not just the upfront initial installation costs...

The Pros & Cons of Composite and Wood Decks2020-03-29T21:32:00-05:00

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Trex® Composite Deck


The beauty of owning a Trex® composite deck is that you don't have to maintain it the way you would a wood deck, but like any exterior building product, it does need an occasional basic cleaning. Before cleaning your composite deck, it is important to know what Trex® product you have installed on your home. If you have...

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Trex® Composite Deck2020-03-29T21:38:28-05:00

Why People Love Their Trex® Decks


Rock Solid Builders loves the planning and building of decks. With the volume of decks we build every year, we get to incorporate many different styles and options into the designs of our decks. Nothing is better than the excitement that homeowners feel when their new deck is installed...

Why People Love Their Trex® Decks2020-03-29T21:39:06-05:00

Things to Consider When Planning a New Deck


When you are thinking about a building a deck, it can feel like it is a pretty simple process, but in actuality, it can be fairly complex. There are a lot of things to consider from where on the home you want it located, the size of the deck and the material you want to use...

Things to Consider When Planning a New Deck2020-03-29T21:39:24-05:00

Building a Deck that Includes a Hot Tub


Have you decided on purchasing a hot tub for your house, but don't know how to incorporate it into an existing deck or a new deck you are planning on building at the same time the hot tub is being delivered? Rock Solid is happy to help with this planning. The distance of the deck off the ground will determine your different options for the hot tub install...

Building a Deck that Includes a Hot Tub2020-03-29T21:39:47-05:00

Building a Deck that Includes a Pool


Whether you have an existing above-ground pool or you are planning on installing one, building a deck around the pool is a popular upgrade to your pool. You will want to decide if you want the deck connecting your home to your pool or if you just want the deck free-standing by the pool...

Building a Deck that Includes a Pool2017-03-12T17:44:01-05:00

Benefits of Building a Trex® Deck in the Winter Months


Customers are always shocked to hear that Rock Solid Builders builds decks all winter long. We only build wood decks from March 1st to October 31st because we recommend all new wood be stained or sealed within 60 days from install and outside temperatures have to be over 50 degrees to properly apply the stain...

Benefits of Building a Trex® Deck in the Winter Months2020-03-29T21:40:08-05:00

Incorporating Lighting on your Deck


The most popular upgrade on Trex® decks behind aluminum railing balusters is to incorporate Trex® deck lighting into your deck. All of Trex® deck lighting options are low-voltage LED lights which wire into a transformer that is plugged into an exterior outlet and operated on a timer and/or a remote. Low-Voltage LED lights provide...

Incorporating Lighting on your Deck2020-03-29T21:40:27-05:00

Enclosure Options for Screen Rooms


When you are planning to build a screen room at your home you might only think that plain screens or plain windows are your only option to enclosure your screen room. Most screen rooms have plain screens and Rock Solid installs a lot of plain custom fit screens into screen rooms. Installing actual real windows changes...

Enclosure Options for Screen Rooms2020-03-29T21:40:50-05:00
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