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Building Decks Year Round

Customers are always shocked to hear that Rock Solid Builders builds decks all winter long. We only build wood decks from March 1st to October 31st because we recommend all new wood be stained or sealed within 60 days from install and outside temperatures have to be over 50 degrees to properly apply the stain. While most companies don’t build any decks outside of this timeframe unless we are having an unusually warm early spring or late fall, Rock Solid Builders builds Trex® composite decks every winter over the 4 winter months because Trex® does not need staining or sealing.

“Trex® composite decks do not need staining or sealing.”

Save Money with a Discount

You might wonder why a customer would choose to build a Trex® deck over the winter months when they can’t enjoy it as much during that time of the year. The number one reason is that winter installs are the only time of the year that Rock Solid Builders provides a discount off the cost of Trex® decks. This benefits not only the customer by getting a discount off a premium product that normally isn’t discounted, but also Rock Solid Builders because it keeps our talented carpenters who are all employees and not subcontractors, working year round. These talented carpenters value being with an established company that provides year round work which helps with employee retention with all our lead carpenters being employed with Rock Solid Builders for years.

“We provide year-round work for our employees.”

Enjoy Your Deck When Spring Arrives

Customers also benefit from locking in current year pricing at a discount since the cost of Trex® tends to increase at the beginning of every calendar year. Also, our build schedule tends to be booked out approximately 3 months at any given time. The customers that have elected to take advantage of the winter savings for Trex® also benefit by having their deck fully built to enjoy the minute the weather improves. Also, their backyard is not being disturbed during normal times of entertaining outdoors. The customers that wait until spring to contact us are usually getting their decks installed towards the end of spring or early summer since our schedule is always booked out well in advance. This can cause them to lose months worth of enjoying the deck plus can interfere with vacation or party plans over the warm months.

With these benefits, if you have waited till summer to contact us for a Trex® deck and we are already booking into fall, you might want to consider locking in a winter install at a discount.

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Talk about quick follow ups, response to phone call, quality work, and friendly and knowledgable staff/ installers. There a FEW folks I can leave the house and be at ease that things are going super smooth and perfectly. Our installers were kind, respectful, and very hard workers!!

Donna, Crystal Lake, IL

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