Considerations you need to
make when incorporating a hot tub

We’ll Help You Plan for a Hot Tub

Have you decided on purchasing a hot tub for your house, but don’t know how to incorporate it into an existing deck or a new deck you are planning on building at the same time the hot tub is being delivered? Rock Solid is happy to help with this planning. The distance of the deck off the ground will determine your different options for the hot tub install.

Distance Off the Ground

If your deck is only one to three steps off the ground, you can either install the hot tub sunk into the deck that distance by placing the hot tub on a concrete pad and having the deck around the hot tub. You can also install the hot tub directly on top of the deck, but you would need to have oversized concrete support piers plus deck framing to support not just the weight of the empty hot tub, but the weight of the filled hot tub. With either option on a deck that is close to the ground, you might want to build built-in steps to enter and exit the hot tub since the hot tub will still be taller than a standard step to get into it.

If your deck is on the main level of your home, but it is elevated because you have a lookout or walkout basement, your options increase to either be on top of the deck or sunk into the deck at any depth you want. If you want to sink your hot tub into your elevated deck, you can sink it as much as you want although the more you sink it the greater the cost since the supports both around the tub and the bottom increase.

“You can sink your hot tub into the deck or add steps at the entrance.”

Provide Your Hot Tub Specifications

With all hot tub options, you would need to provide Rock Solid Builders, the full specifications for the model that you are purchasing to ensure that the deck is being built to accommodate the exact hot tub. We would also need this information to provide the municipality when we apply for your deck permit. While we are designing your deck we will also use these specifications to determine the direction the hot tub is placed to make sure we provide access to the control panel which is usually located on the same side as the controls. We can provide access by creating a removable hatch in the deck or in a bench or step built alongside the hot tub.

By taking the time to properly plan for the installation of your new hot tub, you will ensure that you are able to fully enjoy your new outdoor living space. Contact us today to discuss incorporating your new hot tub into a deck!

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