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Occasional Basic Cleaning

The beauty of owning a Trex® or TimberTech® composite deck is that you don’t have to maintain it the way you would a wood deck, but like any exterior building product, it does need an occasional basic cleaning. Before cleaning your composite deck, it is important to know what Trex® or TimberTech® product you have installed on your home. If you have an earlier generation composite Trex® product such as Accents or Origins, there are different cleaning recommendations since these earlier generation products are higher in maintenance than the current cap composite product lines that are the only product lines Trex® currently manufactures which include Transcend, Enhance and the cap-composite version of Select. Trex® started manufacturing cap composite decking in 2010.

“Determine which Trex® product you have.”

Trex® Accents or Origins cannot be power washed compared to the cap-composite lines that are able to be power washed at a low PSI. Also Accents and Origins can fade when using a composite deck cleaner that has bleach in it. After you determine the Trex® product line that is installed on your home, please visit Trex’s website at for complete instructions on how to clean your composite deck. Before you clean your TimberTech® deck, we also advise you to visit TimberTech’s website at to view their specific cleaning recommendations.

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Trex® AR Visualizer

using the Trex® AR Visualizer app to choose railings


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