Enclose your screen room without the cost
of building an addition

Screen Room Options

When you are planning to build a screen room at your home you might only think that plain screens or plain windows are your only option to enclosure your screen room. Most screen rooms have plain screens and Rock Solid installs a lot of plain custom fit screens into screen rooms. Installing actual real windows changes the classification of the structure from a screen room to an addition which requires different building requirements for most municipalities which usually includes building the structure on a frost wall foundation instead of oversized concrete support piers. Frost walls are considerably more expensive and most customers don’t want a screen room to be an addition to their home not just from a building cost standpoint, but also from a tax standpoint since sometimes property taxes can go up more with an addition compared to a screen room.*

“Installing traditional windows changes the classification of the structure from a screen room to an addition, which changes the building requirements and can have tax implications.”

Eze-Breeze Screen Windows

If a customer would prefer full windows, but doesn’t want the cost of building an addition when they really just want a screen room, Eze-Breeze screen windows are a solution that Rock Solid Builders installs. They aren’t considered actual windows, but give you similar benefits while still keeping the structure a screen room vs. an addition. Eze-Breeze screen windows have four sliding vents that nest up or down over the attached screen. When completely open you have 75% screen and when removed you have 100% screen. When you close these vents you have 100% protection from wind and weather with their unique panels.

“Eze-Breeze screen windows are not considered the same as traditional windows.  This option allows you to have windows in your screen room without the classification of an addition.”

Rock Solid Builders has a sample of Eze-Breeze at our office. Contact us today for a free screen room estimate to discuss the Eze-Breeze option at your home or schedule a time to visit our office in McHenry.

*Please contact your tax assessor for more information on how screen rooms and additions impact your property taxes.

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