Be sure to research
the product and the manufacturer

Do Your Research

When you walk into any big box store or read any home improvement magazine, you can be overwhelmed with the amount of different manufacturers of composite decking and it is hard to know the difference between them. If you purely look at it from a cost perspective, you might choose an off-brand or maybe the brand specific to a certain big box store, but you are doing yourself a disservice if you don’t fully research not only the specific product, but most importantly the manufacturer.

Choose the Right Manufacturer

Rock Solid Builders has been building composite decks for over a decade and during this time, especially during the recession, we saw a large amount of composite decking manufacturers go out of business. We also saw the customers that had built composite decks from these manufactures start having their supposedly low-maintenance decks fall apart. It wasn’t unusual for us to get a call at least once per week during the recession from a customer who installed an off-brand composite deck that started to deteriorate and they didn’t have any recourse from their warranty because the manufacturer was no longer in business. These poor customers had to deal with replacing their decks at their own cost which was very disheartening.

“How good is the warranty?”

We Recommend Trex® Products

After we saw so many of these situations play out, we wanted to make sure as a company that we aligned ourselves with a manufacturer that we felt would stand the test of time for our customers and who we could confidently install their product line. The one company that met those needs, who was the pioneer in composite decking manufacturing, had a wide range of low-maintenance decking products backed by strong warranties and was financially secure to be around for the length of the product’s warranty was Trex. These attributes are the reason why RSB aligned ourselves specifically with Trex® products over 8 years ago and why we continue to confidently recommend Trex® products to our customers.

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It went excellent. This company, all the way from the office to the workers, is amazing. They responded immediately to any question or email. The workers were very nice and did such a great job. They took care of the design and getting permits. It was seamless. The finished product was better than we imagined and they left the area clean. I would recommend them to anyone.
Brenda, Algonquin, IL

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