Add beautiful ambient light
with low-Voltage LEDs

Illuminate Your Backyard

The most popular upgrade on Trex® decks behind aluminum railing balusters is to incorporate Trex® deck lighting into your deck. All of Trex® deck lighting options are low-voltage LED lights which wire into a transformer that is plugged into an exterior outlet and operated on a timer and/or a remote. Low-Voltage LED lights provide a nice ambient light and don’t require an electrician to install. We recommend installing lighting during the initial installation of your deck to save on labor costs since it is easier to install the lighting during the construction of the deck versus after the deck is built where possibly decking or railing components have to be dismantled to properly install the lights

“Our lighting includes low-voltage LED lights which wire into a transformer that is plugged into an exterior outlet and operated on a timer and/or a remote.”

Popular Options

There are several different types of light options as outlined on Trex’s website at, but the two most popular lighting options for our customers are round stair riser lights which are installed on the back of the stair risers and shine down onto the stair tread surface. Stair riser lights assist customers, pets and their guests with safely entering and exiting the deck at night. The second most popular lighting option are post cap lights which are installed on top of the railing posts with most customers electing post cap lights on every railing post, but sometimes customers choose every other post or just the posts by the stairs. Post cap lights are nice because they have lighting on all four sides which means that your deck is illuminated both while you are on the deck, but also when you are looking at the deck from the yard.

“Deck lighting makes your deck standout from an ordinary deck.”

Enjoy Your Deck All Year

All lighting assists with the safety of having an illuminated backyard, but also from an esthetic standpoint. Deck lighting makes your deck standout from an ordinary deck and it also allows you to enjoy your deck even while you are not physically out on your deck. It is very peaceful to be inside your home on a snowy night and look outside to see the snow falling on your deck because the deck lighting is turned on. Lighting is one of the upgrades that customers are so happy that they selected when designing their deck.

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It was a wonderful experience from the beginning to the end. Rock Solid was very detail to give updates on when they were starting and the process. The men working on the deck were very professional. In fact our neighbor was very impressed that he asked for a quote for his deck. I am truly happy with the work they performed. I enjoy my deck!!

Earl, Barrington, IL

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