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What are the Pros and Cons?

We are often asked what the pros and cons are of composite decking compared to wood decking. Although budget is usually the top priority when a customer is deciding on investing in a deck, it is important to look at the longterm costs associated with building a deck and not just the upfront initial installation costs.

Trex® Composite Decking


  • Low-maintenance
  • Rich, deep palettes that mimic the look for real wood
  • An almost entirely green product from a legendary green company

  • Soft, splinterless comfort that will never rot

  • A smart investment 

  • No staining or painting

  • No rotting, splintering or warping

  • No harmful chemicals

  • Ability to curve deck boards and railings

  • Ease of install of deck lighting

  • Trex® Transcend doesn’t fade or stain like other woods or composites and is scratch resistant

  • 25 Year Limited Warranty as outlined on
  • Can be installed in the winter months


  • Usually double the upfront installation cost compared to basic pressure treated pine decking

  • Not able to change the color of the decking in the future

Wood Decking


  • Lower upfront cost

  • A larger range of color options to stain the wood


  • Can splinter, warp and rot over time

  • New wood needs to be stained or sealed within 60 days from installation and sooner for fall deck installations

  • A full cleaning, sanding any splintered wood and re-staining required annually to prolong longevity of wood

  • Difficult to curve wood decking

  • Harder to install lighting in wood decks

  • Not as environmentally friendly

  • Needs to be installed in the warmer months to ensure staining or sealing before winter

  • Average lifespan of a wood deck is much shorter at about 10-15 years or possibly up to 20 years if properly maintained with annual cleaning, sanding and staining

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If we could give RSB an A+, we would. Their professionalism, timeliness, attention to detail, clean-up and general all around demeanor was remarkable. It seems that these days, it’s hard to find a company that reminds you of the way businesses used to be. These guys were just very easy to work with and came through with everything that was discussed.  Although they specialize in Trex® composite decking, we prefer the look of real cedar and RSB hand picked the deck boards from their lumber supplier. You will not go wrong by choosing RSB for your deck work.

Larry, Long Grove, IL

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