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Determine the Type of Deck

Whether you have an existing above-ground pool or you are planning on installing one, building a deck around the pool is a popular upgrade to your pool. You will want to decide if you want the deck connecting your home to your pool or if you just want the deck free-standing by the pool. These options will be determined based on the distance between your home and the pool as well as your budget. Building a small platform on one side of your pool to enter and exit the pool plus maybe hold a chair or two is going to be considerably less expensive compared to building a deck around the entire pool that would require a large amount of railings. Building decks around pools requires more concrete support piers and supportive framing to accommodate the change in direction in the framing as the pool curves in shape. That is why pool decks are always more expensive than similar sized regular decks attached to the home.

“Do you want the deck to connect your home to your pool or would you like the deck free-standing by the pool.”

Determine Your Material Choice

In addition to the size of the deck, it is very critical to consider your material choice. Pressure treated pine is always the cheapest option, but all wood decks including cedar require annual staining in our climate especially pool decks where the pool chemicals can wreak havoc on wood. Plus pool decks can get more foot traffic than a standard deck which all wears down both the wood and the stain applied on the wood. Rock Solid Builders strongly advises our customers to consider Trex® composite for their pool decks since Trex® doesn’t require staining or sealing and isn’t impacted by pool chemicals. To learn more about the differences between wood and Trex® composite, please visit a previous blog post. (link to blog post).

“Trex® composite is a great choice for a pool deck because it doesn’t require staining or sealing and isn’t impacted by pool chemicals.”

Build Your Dream Deck

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We are absolutely delighted with our beautiful deck. Butch was very responsive to our needs and planned and executed a perfect deck for us. He even constructed a great planter box for us that really adds to the function of the deck. Our project was delayed because of weather, but it was certainly worth the wait. Butch and his crew are very professional, they take time and care with their projects. We would highly recommend Rock Solid Builders.

Julie, Crystal Lake, IL

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